Basic Equipment Within the Garage for Tuning Cars

Tuning up your car is a priority from time to time. From changing the spark plugs and oil to checking to make certain that your air filter is not clogged, these (and other) procedures are excellent ways to keep any vehicle in tip-top shape. While some tasks are naturally easier than others, there are still a handful of tools and a selection of equipment that will allow any job to be performed quickly and safely. So, what are some of these basic requirements and what purpose does each serve?

Automobile Jacks

It is likely that you will need to access the undercarriage of your car. This can be nearly impossible without raising it off of the ground. While there are several online resources to help you determine the finer points, it is still wise to only purchase a jack that is manufactured from a reputable company. Also, make sure that the unit in question is able to support the weight of the vehicle.

Vice Grips

This tool is considered by many to be one of the most universal in the entire garage. The reason for this is that it can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of bolt sizes. However, the main advantage of a pair of vice grips is that a secure locking mechanism will keep the handles clamped shut with absolutely no pressure applied by the user. Not only can this enable you to loosen stubborn parts, but the tool can remain firmly in place when necessary (such as if a hose needs to be temporarily crimped).

Ratchet and Socket Sets

Most reputable online resources state that this combination is absolutely essential when tuning up a car. The reason for such a statement is simple. Sockets come in a wide variety of sizes and perhaps more importantly, they are designed to fit both metric and standard parts. Without this advantage, even the simplest of tasks would be nearly impossible. Also, the ratchets will be available in numerous lengths. This is another important factor when removing spark plugs or accessing areas that are hard to reach. As with all tools designed for a proper tune up, only trusted brand names should be chosen. If possible, purchase those with an attached warranty.

Keeping these suggestions in mind will allow any scheduled maintenance job to be completed easily and safely. For the novice or the automobile enthusiast, such items are all but essential.