Basic Car Tune-Ups

A tune-up is one of the most important actions that need to be performed to maintain the performance of a vehicle. As you may be already aware, a tune-up should occur on a regular basis. Although complicated tasks such as dealing with transmission problems or changing brake fluid will likely require the use of a trained mechanic, others can be safely performed with even limited knowledge. Let’s take a glimpse at some basic tune-ups.

Spark Plugs

Over time, spark plugs will corrode and lose their ability to provide the spark necessary to burn petrol. One or more failed plugs can immensely affect the performance of an engine and its fuel efficiency is greatly reduced. Any time this is suspected, all plugs should be removed, checked and replaced if necessary.

Oil and Oil Filters

Without oil, an engine can cease up within minutes. Of course, oil will have only a limited lifespan. It becomes more viscous and sluggish. Moving parts may not receive the proper amount of lubrication. A driver will normally be required to change his or her oil after a set number of miles. In the same respect, the filter should be replaced at the same time. A clogged oil filter can cause slower circulation within the engine.

Air Filters

It is only natural that an air filter will tend to collect dust and debris. As air is very important to the lifespan of ann engine, this filter should be checked during any tune-up. A sure-fire sign that it needs to be replaced is if the “blades” within are dirty and grimy. Thankfully, air filters are quite cheap to purchase.

Checking Hoses

Most hoses within an engine are composed of rubber or composite materials. As the engine can become quite hot while in operation, these hoses will become brittle and inflexible over time. This can lead to fluid leaks and other undesirable situations. So, they should be checked for such symptoms (particularly around where they attach to another item). If a crack or swelling is noted, it is best to replace the entire hose.These are all very simple tasks to perform and even a full tune-up can usually be carried out during a weekend afternoon.