Good Forums Online for Car Enthusiasts

Owning a vehicle is much more than a mere necessity for some. Hobbyists from around the world share a unique passion for such modern marvels. In the past, the only opportunity to interact with like-minded aficionados was through the occasional car show or exhibition. However, times, have changed for many of us. Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, millions of fans can speak to one another while exchanging excellent tips and recommendations. What are a handful of the best online forums and what are some of their defining features?

Car and Driver

Most enthusiasts consider Car and Driver to be the most informative portal currently available. Boasting many features attributed to the magazine of the same name, Car and Driver provides valuable reviews, vehicle maintenance tips, do-it-yourself projects and valuable insight in regards to the newest models available on the market. For the most authoritative advice, this website is likely to be the best choice.

The Bump Stop

The Bump Stop is another must-see online forum. One of the most pronounced benefits is that it is very easy to navigate while the visitor can choose to become involved with no less than eight different categories. These range from basic automotive tips to modern reviews, opinions of manufacturers and much more. The page is extremely easy to load; thus accommodating for slower Internet speeds or when one wishes to access The Bump Stop through a mobile device.


This is an excellent forum for numerous automotive-related discussions. However, CarsDirect also doubles as a great place to find new and used cars. The main advantage offered here is the fact that user reviews can be powerful tools. These are often not included within a commercial site solely dedicated to vehicle sales. The portal itself is extremely easy to navigate and through the use of innovative infographics, the most appropriate topic can be found within a matter of seconds. Additionally, there is a category that is solely dedicated to buying and selling advice provided by experts in the industry. CarsDirect may very well be the one-stop-shop for all things related to sales, service and maintenance.Of course, there are numerous other online forums that can be enjoyed. With the vast majority of these, membership is completely free while the advice offered can be invaluable. For the novice and the professional enthusiast, the Internet now offers more opportunities than even before to enjoy such a wonderful pastime.