Mar 14 2015

Common Brands of Cars to Trim

Adding trim has always been a popular way to enhance a car. Modifications can be made to improve aesthetics, increase comfort and grow resale value. Exterior trim includes customisations such as respraying, colour-matched body kit and alloy wheels. Inside the car, modifications include interior trim, such as around the dashboard, floor mats, seating and upholstery. The advantage of adding trim is that there are modifications that can be undertaken on any budget, and car owners can space out a series of customisations over any desired timeframe.Almost any car can be modified, however, there are a number of common brands that are particularly well suited to customisation. Here are some of the most popular choices:


Japanese cars tick all the boxes in terms of affordability, performance and cost of upkeep, therefore brands like Honda are a great choice for modification. Models such as the Civic are a favourite with enthusiasts, and whether it’s a nineties model or a new one, there are plenty of options for adding trim. Find out more about the latest Honda Civic by reading this Top Gear review, and check out the top ten list of mods and upgrades. With some carefully chosen exterior trim, your Civic could look like this.


While the Japanese car market certainly has an awful lot to offer, German brands are just as popular with mod enthusiasts – if for different reasons. Some of these points are highlighted by Jeremy Clarkson, and they include efficiency and precision engineering. BMW is an ideal German brand for customisation. The distinctive styling of its classic models, including the 5-Series E12, continues to inspire, even though such models have been out of production for years. The subsequent 5-Series E28 and E34 also remain popular choices for modification. While a new ‘Beemer’ is beyond the reach of many, with the M5 costing in the region of seventy thousand pounds and the M6 around ninety thousand, there are more affordable current models, such as the premium hatch 1-Series.FordAmerican manufacturer, Ford, has long been a versatile brand for those seeking to customise their car. Classic examples include the Capri, Sierra, Escort and Fiesta, while a popular current model is the Focus. There are plenty of resources for Focus owners that give advice and suggestions on adding trim. Online forums like Focus Fanatics provide the opportunity to ask questions and chat with others. This Top Gear review spills the beans on the latest Ford Focus, whilst here is an example of a radical Focus makeover.Whatever the brand, there are plenty of simple and affordable ways to trim your car, and there’s plenty of inspiration to be gained from shows, magazines and online forums. But on a final note, it’s important not to get too carried away to avoid blunders like these!